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1 man , no money, no support but a smile & a hello

“Having listened to great inspirational speakers like Tony Benn, David Bellamy and Sir Chris Bonington I thought how difficult it is for an ordinary person to do it. Then sat in a group listening to Paul Burgum inspire a group of avid listeners I realised it is the man not the celebrity status that does it.” Councillor Barry Woodhouse

“Paul Burgum is guaranteed to create a great atmosphere and inspire the audience at any event – he is not just a motivational speaker, he is an inspiration.” Reverend Bill Braviner

The Power of Respect Talk
Talking on the power of Respect to college students



Since suffering a nervous breakdown 7 years and finally admitting his issues with depression, anxiety & alcoholism Paul has taken a unique approach to turning his life around and improving his general health & wellbeing. Now multi-award winning social entrepreneur & founder of BCT Aspire CIC. Paul has delivered successful results with people from all backgrounds and sectors.

Completing 3000 miles across Europe

Whilst personally undertaking massive physical acts of endurance such as walking across Europe without money or support, completing single stage ultra-marathons up to 160 miles. Paul’s simple aim is to share his learning with other’s to help them achieve their own goals. Having built his own framework for achievement based around building habits in the following areas:

  • Acceptance
  • Resilience
  • Positivity
  • Values & Faith
  • Rest & Play
Nigel Clark of Dodgy
Nigel Clark of Dodgy

If ever the phrase “A Jack of All trades” was a compliment as Paul shows how he can apply his learning to all arenas of life.  Having vast experience within many areas.

  • Business & Leadership
  • Voluntary & Community Sector Management
  • Sport & Adventure
  • Addiction & Mental Health
  • Schools, Colleges & Universities


Adventurer, Fundraiser, Speaker, Writer & Carpenter