Jumping the Cliff to Simply Be

Jumping the Cliff to Simply Be

The 4th walk in the serious spanning the length of Italy from Reggio Calabria to the principality of Monaco. As usual walking alone, with the minimum of supplies and relying on the kindness of good Samaritans met on the road. A great story about overcoming your own fears and chasing your own goals in life.  The walk spanned over a 1000 miles with Paul taken ill with a chest infection after only a couple of day’s on the road, during some of the wettest Italian weather in recent years.  The simplicity of a hello & a smile was Paul’s main tool as he met many Italian friends along the way.


By Amazon Customer on 16 Jun. 2016

This is the second book I have read by Paul and it is excellent. It is like a diary and travel guide all merged into one. It is very well written and descries his daily battles and accomplishments brilliantly. Once started I found it hard to put down. Reading about Pauls journey and his interaction with the locals he met along the way actually inspired me to visit Italy twice last year and hoping to go again this year. Its a brilliant book and a great read.


Please note this book has recently been re-published working with 6th Element publishing. We are currently working on re-publishing the other three books in the series, so watch this space for more details. If you have already read the book i would really appreciate if you could take a few minutes to leave a review on Amazon at Book Review


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