Inspirational Speaking

Inspirational Talks “Sometimes the smallest gesture from one can mean the world to another” Paul Burgum

Paul Burgum is an experienced speaker, delivering to a wide range of audiences. Paul always speaks with true passion and a candid honesty about his life. Discussing his own unique approach to dealing with all the problems that life throws at him.

Paul has used  his learning from his adventures, business, sport and life itself to build a framework that he now bases his life around and aims to share his learning with his audiences.

Paul speaking at Oxford University
Paul speaking at Oxford University

Paul learned the power of habit, through his battles with addiction & now uses this to  build of  positive habits in the following areas:

  • Acceptance
  • Resilience
  • Positive Thinking
  • Values/Faith
  • Rest & Play

You can watch Paul talking about these areas on the videos page


Paul completes his walk across Europe
Paul completes his walk across Europe

Paul has a range of talks with all built with personal experience. Key areas addressed include:

  • Pathways to AchievementHow we achieve our goals in life 
  • Building ResiliencePersonal & organisationally 
  • Developing A Positive MindsetSimple techniques that work 
  • Achieving with just a smile & a helloA great talk for networking
  • Overcoming anxiety & building self confidence 


For more information you can call Paul on 07788 947856 or email at


Adventurer, Fundraiser, Speaker, Writer & Carpenter