Councillor Barry Woodhouse (Former Mayor of Stockton)

“Having listened to great inspirational speakers like Tony Benn, David Bellamy and Sir Chris Bonington I thought how difficult it is for an ordinary person to do it. Then sat in a group listening to Paul Burgum inspire a group of avid listeners I realised it is the man not the celebrity status that does it. Much of what I learned I took back to the classroom, to the conference stage and to the Council chamber. I do not intend to walk across Europe as Paul did but will put into practice lessons learned from that encounter”

Reverend Bill Braviner

“Paul Burgum is guaranteed to create a great atmosphere and inspire the audience at any event – he is not just a motivational speaker, he is an inspiration. People are gripped when he talks about how he has achieved success in many different areas, partly through accepting tough experiences and negative events and then using them positively to focus his personal development and learning for the journey ahead. Paul inspired me – he’s not afraid to be open and honest about the struggles he has faced, and how he has learned to find the positives and build on them for future successes. I could have listened to him all day, and I’ll certainly be looking for the positives in my journey from now on”.

Chris Hyndman – Head of Rugby Hartlepool 6th Form College / Billingham RUFC Head Coach  –  Former Northampton Saints & England Under21’s

“As a person that has known Paul for a very long time, I have had the opportunity to see him at his best but also at his worst. At times of distress and mental anguish and in positions when others would have simply buried their head in the sand and given up on life Paul has always found a way to come back, not only this each time he manages to make his life better. Personal sacrifice is a phrase Paul knows better than anyone, his book title jumping the cliff to simply be explains Paul’s outlook on life better than any words I could have wrote, there doesn’t ever have to be anything in it for him, but as long as it enriches those around him Paul will simply do it. Paul is a very inspiring individual and someone I am happy to call a friend.”

Marc Massey – Solicitor, Minster Law

“ I have watched Paul develop on a personal level through his public speaking and charity work, putting himself forward when others daren’t.  Paul hasn’t shied away from life’s obstacles, but defeated them, one by one. His attitude, perseverance and drive is something to be envied by all. He has worked tirelessly to drive his intentions forward, making a difference to not only the charity work he is involved in, but also directly with the people he interacts with, genuinely improving the lives of others. I know that any goal that Paul sets himself will be reached. I also know that Paul will help anyone else reach their own goals”


Adventurer, Fundraiser, Speaker, Writer & Carpenter